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Heating oil

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Environmentally friendly ingredients

Boasting a minimum content of sulphur, ash, sediment and other impurities, our heating oil exceeds Slovenian and European standards in many aspects and contributes to pollution reduction.

Less consumption and more energy for the same price

Calorific value is the amount of heat produced by combustion. The high calorific value of our heating oil ensures its higher efficiency, resulting in lower consumption and heating costs.

Better heating performance

Using our high quality heating oil prevents build-up of hard carbon deposits that gradually accumulate in the combustion system, reducing combustion efficiency and increasing harmful gas emissions as well as consumption.

Anti-corrosion performance

Corrosion can significantly impair the performance of a fuel system and shorten its lifetime. The premium additives in our heating oil will protect your furnace from corrosion and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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Improved lubrication

The quality ingredients in our heating oil offer excellent lubricating properties, thus preventing wear on the fuel system.

Thermal stability

Another important property of our heating oil, this prevents deposits from building up on the burner nozzle, maintaining its spray properties. This ensures a more even combustion of heating oil with no unnecessary emissions.

Safe storage

Thanks to its excellent temperature properties, oxidation stability and compliance with strict quality standards, our heating oil can be safely stored even at low temperatures.

Friendly and timely delivery

We're doing our best to respond to the increasing demands of environmentalists, heating appliance manufacturers and customers with the highest level of responsibly. By opting for our heating oil, you will make your home a safe haven during cold winter months, all the while using a reliable and environmentally friendly heating system and contributing to a cleaner environment.